Ministry to State Is Growing!


Over the past three months we have been joined in D.C. by Will Stockdale, who is finishing up at RTS Dallas. As our newest Ministry Associate, he will be leading our Commons program for interns and developing a vision for our Fellows program which we hope to launch in the fall of 2021.

Soon, Robert Hasler will be joining our team on the Hill as a Ministry Assistant. He just started at Covenant Seminary and comes to us with lots of experience in Washington after holding a key position at Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center. Robert will oversee our communications and administrative efforts and also engage in Hill based ministry.

Director Chuck Garriott has been on the road talking to churches and presbyteries about Ministry to State’s efforts in Washington, and a growing number of state and  world capitals. Chuck’s also been talking about his newest book, Love and Power: Glimpses of the Gospel for those Addicted to Self. Associate Director Michael Langer and Ministry Associate Mary Frances continue to serve those serving our nation. Currently, there are regular group Bible studies on the Senate side and in three different Cabinet agencies! In addition to those studies, each is meeting in more personal settings with members and staffers.

The summer Commons interns heard from three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and former U.N. Ambassador on World Hunger, Tony Hall. Over the course of summer, we had 70 different interns and a regular crowd of 30! Most recently, nearly 50 Washington staffers and ministry friends gathered at the home of Director Chuck Garriott to hear Rep. John Moolenaar talk about the importance of being grounded in the gospel on Capitol Hill.

Please pray for new and deepened relationships with those serving our nation in Washington. Pray for all of the staff’s personal fundraising efforts through the end of the year. Pray for discernment as we consider the possibility of launching a weekly podcast on faith & work in Washington, as well as the potential for acquiring a ministry house on the Hill.

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