PCA Unity Fund

PCA Unity Fund

Raise Up Minority Leaders in the PCA

You can raise up leaders from diverse ethnic backgrounds through this gospel initiative which provides grants to educate, train, mentor, and develop minority leadership in the PCA.


To see future generations of reformed minority Teaching Elders, Ruling Elders and Missionaries raised up in the Presbyterian Church in America.


To subsidize the training, mentoring and development of minority leadership in the PCA through partnership with churches and presbyteries.


  1. Provide Seminary tuition subsidies.
  2. Provide General Assembly expense subsidies for underrepresented minority Ruling and Teaching Elders and Licentiates.
  3. Provide Compensation expense subsidies for minorities serving as an Assistant Pastor in a PCA church, for the first two years of their ministry in churches.
  4. Provide Historical Research expense subsidies to explore the role that Reformed minority scholars, theologians, and pastors have played in church history.
  5. Provide Resources and support for minorities interested in pursuing missions with Mission to The World and college ministry with Reformed University Fellowship.

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