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A multiplying movement of Chinese PCA churches in the Washinton, DC, area is winning people to Christ not only in the US, but also in Mainland China.

MNA:  Reaching North America with the Gospel...
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Winter 1999/2000

A Church Planting Movement
Among the Chinese in America

"I cannot describe how I long to be a missionary; to carry Glad Tidings to poor, perishing sinners…twelve million souls in China, every year, passing without God and without hope into eternity…Oh, let us look with compassion on this multitude!"

Hudson Taylor wrote those words in 1852 while still in England. He reached Shanghai in 1854 and for the next half century devoted his life to missions. With the Lord richly blessing his work, this exemplary Christian touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, possibly millions. The fruits of his ministry continue to this generation.

The same evangelistic zeal that characterized Hudson Taylor is driving Chinese PCA churches in the Washington, DC, area today. Their mission is to reach not only Chinese people who have made the US their home, but also those who come here for a short stay and then return to China.

One of these churches is Chinese Christian Church in Falls Church, VA, which God is using to lead a multiplying movement throughout the area. Senior pastor, John Dong-Yang Chiou, planted this church in 1978. It began as a Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, and joined the PCA along with the RPC,ES in 1982.

Current membership (about 200) encompasses all ages, including both new immigrants and those born in the US. About 70 percent are permanent US residents; the remainder include university students as well as professors. Mandarin Chinese is the primary language, although services in English are conducted each week by Calvin Tan who is apprenticing to become a church planter.

A major goal is to establish other churches around the suburbs of Washington, DC. John has helped plant four and has a long-range goal of planting many more. The latest is Chinese Christian Church of Virginia in Springfield, which meets at Harvester Presbyterian.

This church was begun because of a man from Springfield who had visited Chinese Christian in Falls Church and was converted. As a result, John explains, "I felt God was leading me to start a church in Springfield. At our first service last January, we met in a room that could hold only 33 chairs — exactly 33 people showed up. By Easter Sunday, we had our first baptisms: six adults and six children."

John and the new congregation have since moved to a larger room and are praying for a pastor. The need is urgent. "Our greatest challenge," John says, "is finding Chinese church planters. We’ve proven that if we plant a Chinese church, people will come — they really want to learn the basics of the Christian faith. We pray that God will call many more men."

Over the years, the Holy Spirit has brought about a multitude of conversions at Chinese Christian in Falls Church. Some of these converts have returned to China to join the underground Christian church there. Case in point: a visiting professor at Georgetown University, head of China’s nuclear program in the 50s and 60s, came to Chinese Christian Church as an unbeliever and was converted. "I once followed Mao," he said; "now I follow Christ."

John Chiou grew up in Taiwan where he worshipped Buddha. As a young teen, quite opposed to Christianity, he burned a Bible at school. Soon after, a Christian classmate offered to help him with his math and suggested they meet at his church. In time, the pastor led John to Christ. His mother was converted also and, later, his father and sisters came to know Christ.

After attending seminary in Taiwan, he studied at seminaries in Los Angeles and Dubuque, IA. In 1978, when a pastor he had known at seminary asked him to lead a Bible study in Virginia, John accepted. It was the start of his first church plant.

Virginia Chinese Churches
Chinese Christian, Falls Church
1989 Grace Chinese Christian, Herndon
1994 Chinese Christian, Manassas
1999 Chinese Christian, Springfield

Harvester Presbyterian, where Ron Bossom is senior pastor, strongly supports the Chinese church planting movement. Ron planted this church, which now has an average attendance of 360, and has been instrumental in planting a number of other churches in Potomac Presbytery.

Since seminary, Ron says, God has filled him with an intense desire to plant churches and to reach the Chinese with the Gospel. Both objectives are addressed at Harvester where a chief goal is to evangelize Chinese immigrants and disciple them in Chinese PCA churches. Long-range, the goal is to build the Christian church in China through believers who return to China.

Harvester is also focused on teaching members how to do ministry. "We’re Gospel-driven, ministry-driven, and family-driven," says Ron. "The Lord has made it clear that we should train our members to function together in ministry, and those who leave here will know how to do it at the next church."

Harvester members Dave and Bev Froberg have an exceptional ministry targeting Chinese at George Mason University, which has hundreds of students from China as well as visiting professors. A dozen years ago, the couple even moved near the university, and Bev took a job as an instructor. Although Bev no longer teaches, she stays informed about the schedule of arriving Chinese and often meets their planes. Helping them find housing and introducing them to US services, the Frobergs establish relationships that often lead to conversions.

A typical example is a visiting instructor, an unbeliever, who recently came to teach at George Mason. The Frobergs befriended this woman, even invited her to stay in their home for several weeks. She arrived in the fall and by spring, through the power of the Spirit, had received Christ. Soon after her conversion, she led her husband, who had remained in China, to receive the Lord.

Other members of the Harvester congregation participate in the outreach as well. Every Friday afternoon, four English language classes, biblically based, are offered to Chinese, and Harvester members help teach. Through these efforts, at least one visiting Chinese professor has received Christ every year.

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Members of Falls Church. The Chinese population in the Washington, DC, area, now at 100,000, is steadily increasing. Since Tiananmen Square, many have moved here for greater freedom and better jobs.

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John Chiou (left), pastor of Chinese Christian Church in Falls Church, is planting another Chinese church in Springfield which meets at Harvester Presbyterian where Ron Bossom is senior pastor.

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Falls Church members meet regularly at the home of David and Ruth Lei for an evangelistic Bible study. The bulletin board in the background displays the fruit of these meetings. Each "apple" signifies a person converted to Christ.

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The Chinese congregation in Springfield which started last January has been blessed with growth, not only in members, but also in conversions.

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Grace Chinese Christian in Herndon, daughter of the Falls Church congregation, is pastored by Toon Yeo. About 100 people attend regularly.

page4b.jpg (27840 bytes)
Cornerstone Presbyterian, led by Michael Mang, provides space on Sunday mornings for the Manassas Chinese Christian congregation to worship, while the Cornerstone congregation worships at the same time.

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(Clockwise from lower left) John Chiou, pastor of Chinese Christian, Falls Church; Tim Pan and Austin Chen, both elders at Grace Chinese Christian, Herndon; Toon Yeo, pastor of Chinese Christian, Herndon; and Steven Lee, pastor of Chinese Christian, Manassas.

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The Christian student fellowship at George Mason University was established by Chinese Christian at Falls Church. Its student leader is president of student government at the university.




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Reserve Now: The annual Embers to a Flame Conference on Church Revitalization with the theme, "The Presence of God that Rekindles the Flame," is scheduled February 3 - 6, 2000. Shifting location this year, the conference moves to Briarwood Presbyterian in Birmingham, AL, since conference leader Harry Reeder has become senior pastor at Briarwood, succeeding Frank Barker who retired last fall. Other key speakers will be Archie Parrish, church vitality coordinator for MNA; Sandy Willson, senior pastor at Second Presbyterian in Memphis; and Bruce Johnson, president of NextLevel Leadership, a company that helps organizations achieve their vision.

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For a brochure, contact Briarwood Presbyterian at 205-978-2204 or Archie Parrish at



Recognizing Women in Ministry: At the Women in the Church (WIC) conference in September, eleven women selected from nominations made by WIC members received MNA Urban & Mercy Awards. To be considered, a woman had to be involved with a mercy ministry broader than a single church; a founder or key leader in such a ministry; a resource for others involved in similar ministries. Each received a $1000 grant to be given to a ministry for the purpose of training women in mercy ministry leadership. Award funds were allocated by MNA from the 1998 WIC Love Gift. Others participating in mercy ministries are encouraged to contact these leaders for consultation or counsel.

Mariam Bell
Director of Federal Affairs, Justice Fellowship, McLean, VA. Public policy arm of Prison Fellowship Ministries, founded by Chuck Colson.

Barbara Cole
House Mother, Grace Maternity Home, Dallas, TX. Christian home for young single expectant mothers.

Penny Nelson Freeman
Harvest USA, Philadelphia, PA. Support for those seeking freedom from homosexuality and pornography.

Barbara Horn
Park Cities Presbyterian, Lao Presbyterian Fellowship, Dallas, TX. Worship and varied programs for Laotians in the Lao language.

Joyce Horton
Volunteer, Women’s Prison Ministry, Jackson, MS. Bible studies and discipling for female inmates.

Jennifer Mahaffey
Women’s Ministry Director and InStep Ministries Leader, New City Fellowship of North County, Ferguson, MO. Ministries to single-mother families and to female students.

Paige Overton Pitts
Founder and Principal, New Hope Academy, Franklin, TN. Christian school especially for low-income families, but committed to a diverse student body.

Yvonne Dodd Sawyer
Founder, Hope for New York. Hope for New York is associated with Redeemer Presbyterian, encompassing 20 mercy ministries.

Amy Sherman
Founder, Charlottesville Abundant Life Ministries (CALM), Charlottesville, VA. Associated with Trinity Presbyterian, Christ-centered personal development for low-income families.

Susan Tibbels
Director of the Learning Center, New Song Fellowship, Baltimore, MD. Daycare, school for K-8, and after-school programs, among others.

Pat Wheeler
Supervisor, Bethany Christian Services, Greenville, SC. Adoption services; assessment and preparation of Christian families.


page5b.jpg (21682 bytes)Free Copy: Order the MNA Urban & Mercy Directory, a list of leading ministries associated with the PCA and recipients of the Urban & Mercy Leadership Awards.
To request a copy, contact MNA: 404-320-3330 or

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Campus Ministries:
A Campus Ministry for the University of Georgia

In early 1996, when Hal Farnsworth came to Athens to lay the groundwork for Redeemer Presbyterian, he had already envisioned a Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) on the University of Georgia campus. "That was one of the major reasons we came here," Hal says. It was also the reason the church selected a site near campus for their church building.

This past fall, RUF at Georgia became a reality. The campus minister is Rob Edwards, a UGA alumnus and recent graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Rob and his wife, Angie (also a UGA alum), had been praying and planning for two years about the RUF. "We’re very excited and thankful that God in His providence allowed us to return to UGA and lead this ministry."

A native of Atlanta, Rob was raised in the PCA, but didn’t take it seriously until his second year of college. "I was a rebelling Christian, but then I grew weary of the party scene and came under conviction of the Holy Spirit." That’s when Rob gained a true understanding of the Gospel and gave his life to Christ.

Hal’s experience with RUF dates back to 1985 when he became campus minister at Mississippi State, and continued at Vanderbilt, where he spent seven years before coming to Athens. Naturally, when he started Redeemer, Hal focused on cultivating a college ministry.

Rob had his first taste of RUF while working as youth pastor at Clemson Presbyterian in South Carolina for three years before entering seminary. "I learned a lot from David Sinclair, minister of Clemson’s RUF, and I’m fortunate to have another excellent teacher in Hal."

Hal describes Rob as "a very gifted guy. We’ve been wanting him here for two years — we believe God has great things in store for this RUF."

page6a.jpg (16708 bytes)
Students have responded well to the new campus ministry at UGA, the fourth RUF in the state. Large group meetings now have an average attendance of 75.

page6b.jpg (48868 bytes)
For three years, Hal Farnsworth, left, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian, laid the groundwork for the campus ministry and was instrumental in bringing Rob Edwards, right, to serve as RUF leader.

page6c.jpg (49482 bytes)
Athens is a typical university town with much of life revolving around UGA. This institution has 30,000 students while the town’s population is only 62,000, excluding students.


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Church Planters Meet

page7a.jpg (16284 bytes)At Simpsonwood Conference Center in Atlanta, 88 southeastern church planters and their wives met for a three-day conference focused on the theme, "Renewing the Heart." According to Tom Wood, Southeast regional coordinator, "The purpose was to provide worship, prayer, workshops, and personal interaction that will prepare pastors to advance church multiplication." Conference speaker was Pete Alwinson, senior pastor of Willow Creek Presbyterian in Winter Springs, FL. Worship leader was David Hampton, director of worship at Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN. Practical workshops were led by several different pastors and church planters.

page7b.jpg (48006 bytes)At the 1999 Midwest Church Planting Conference at Naperville Presbyterian in Naperville, IL, 85 pastors and wives, seminary students and lay leaders joined together for fellowship and renewal. "We had the best turnout ever," says Ted Powers, midwest regional coordinator. "Each year, our goal is to encourage and equip churches to reach the harvest of souls in the midwest." Speaking on "Agents of Grace" was Bryan Chapell, president of Covenant Seminary, while Jim Bland, MNA coordinator, presented his vision of evangelism for MNA. Completing the schedule were nuts and bolts seminars on various topics led by several pastors and church planters.

MNA is pleased to announce that Tim McKeown has been named multicultural coordinator.

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Gospel in Uniform

page7c.jpg (15635 bytes)A PCA Chaplain serves in Bosnia: Chaplain Steven Logan, a captain in the US Army, is now in Tuzla, Bosnia, serving as deputy division chaplain for the Multi-National Division North. Among his numerous duties, Steven conducts Protestant services at the base chapel on Sunday mornings and visits remote sights in the afternoons. Traveling by helicopter, Steven sees himself as "a sort of circuit rider, only with a Black Hawk instead of a horse." Here, he is shown serving communion on Mt. Vis, an American signal sight near Tuzla. "The soldiers have consistently expressed gratitude for the opportunity to worship and hear the Word," says Steven. "Pray for them as well as for God’s blessing on this work, and ask that souls will be saved."


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This announcement is not an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of offers to buy these securities. The offering is made only by prospectus.

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