John Theoharis

Metanoia Prison Ministries Strategy and Development Director
tel: 770-549-6986

John’s life calling is to literally “go in search of the one who went astray” and he faithfully tries to do all the little things that God asks him to do with a great amount of love and compassion, especially for the “least of these”.

Prior to working in full-time vocational ministry, John spent more than 10 years as a financial strategist, specializing in the development and implementation of investment program distribution strategies from concept to execution.  Having been a partner at his most recent firm, and believing that he had accomplished all that he set out to do professionally, John woke up one day feeling completely empty.  He couldn’t believe that he had “everything” he thought he wanted, but still somehow felt an indescribable emptiness.  John knew then that God was preparing him for much more.  So, back in 2012, with much encouragement from his wife, coupled with the call he knew God had placed on his life, John walked away from his company to focus on graduating seminary and pursuing full-time vocational ministry.

Since becoming an ordained minister, John’s entire focus has been on cross-cultural missions and community outreach ministries. Most recently serving as a missionary to Tanzania, John focused on building outreach ministries designed to disciple, coach, and empower local at-risk street youth.  Then, back in 2015, John was invited by a friend to teach at a local county jail in Georgia.  John immediately felt a tremendous love for the prisoners and started a weekly life-on-life discipleship group that he eventually took into a local prison as well.  As our Director of Strategy and Development, John now hopes to use all of his experience and equipping to encourage churches to “remember the prisoner” and to help build sustainable and scalable reintegration ministries that will empower and equip the least of our brothers and sisters with the life-skills and knowledge they need for a successful return to society.  At the same time, John desires to help encourage a culture of personal growth and development among our team and use his teaching, coaching and mentoring gifts to help others thrive in their unique ministry contexts.

John lives in Suwanee, Georgia and has been married to his hero and best friend, Carla, since 2005.