GC2 Summit Addresses Refugee Crisis

Eight PCA members from 5 PCA churches from 4 states enthusiastically participated in the GC2 Refugee Summit near Wheaton, Illinois in late January.

“GC2” was chosen as the Summit acronym to represent the two Christ-honoring reasons that evangelicals should be at the forefront in welcoming refugees – the Great Commandment commands us to love others as ourselves, and the Great Commission commands us to reach and teach those from all nations. The Summit was a power-packed gathering of evangelicals from around the country to pray together about the current refugee crisis and to hear from a variety of passionate evangelical leaders about why and how churches and individual believers should get involved.

Missed the Summit?  It’s not too late!  You can watch and hear many of the compelling presentations on your own time at the conference website:

Video by Speaker

Have just 10 minutes?  Watch the succinct video clip of Jenny Yang, World Relief’s Vice President for Advocacy?  Have a bit more time?  Listen to the impassioned presentation on the world refugee situation by Richard Stearns, CEO of World Vision, with insights from Bill Hybels which every Christian leader can appreciate. Want to learn a great deal about Islam and ISIS in just 20 minutes?  View Dr. John Azumah’s presentation. Interested in hearing the perspective of an evangelical pastor from the Middle East on what God is doing in the midst of this crisis? View Fayez Ishak’s session.  Concerned about human trafficking?  Don’t miss the fiery presentation by Christine Caine!

In addition, the organizations that came together to plan the summit have assembled some great resources for churches and individual believers to use as they respond to God’s call to love refugees:


If you or your church are interested in additional information – or want to get in touch with PCA churches that are already involved – contact Pat Hatch, MNA’s Refugee and Immigrant Ministry Director at phatch@pcanet.org

(Did you see the interview in ByFaith last month?  http://byfaithonline.com/refugee-ministry-in-an-age-of-terror/ )