Refugee and Immigrant Highlight

What’s New in Immigration

Immigrants Not AfterthoughtPCA congregations are actively engaged in sending missionaries to countries around the world in fulfillment of the Great Commission, and rightly so. Yet at the same time, a significant portion of the world – and the mission field – has come to us – many of them from unreached people groups.

Southern Baptist pastor and leading missions speaker J.D. Payne suggests “There is something missiologically malignant when we are willing to send people across the oceans [for the cause of Christ] but we are not willing to walk next door to minister to the strangers living there.”

At the same time as we are investing significant sums to train and send missionaries abroad, can we in good faith and integrity ignore persons from those same destination countries whom God has – in His providence –  allowed to settle in our own communities?  Perhaps it is His intent to use the authentic redemptive friendships we can develop with these immigrants to cause His Word to flourish both here and in their countries of origin, as they share their new-found faith with family and friends on visits and Skype. Our outreach here can support the efforts of our missionaries abroad in a multitude of ways!

We recognize that immigration is a sensitive topic for many of our members and congregations. Therefore, we urge much prayer that the Lord will enable us to see each person – whatever their country of origin or immigration status – primarily as one who is made in the image of God, and one for whom Christ died. We must not allow partisan discourse to blind us to this remarkable opportunity the Lord has set before His church in North America.

For information about refugee and immigrant outreach models and opportunities, and for links to accurate information about recent immigration developments, please visit the new website of MNA’s Refugee and Immigrant Ministry: