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Listing 1211B – Reconcile Church, Miami FL

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1. Organization:

Church or Ministry Name:  Reconcile Church Miami
Location:  Homestead, FL
Pastor:  Aldo Leon


2. Opportunity:

Job Title:  Children’s Ministry Director
Job Description:  Maintain relationships with children and their families, schedule and recruit volunteers, plan events, organize and prepare curriculum, and purchase supplies. Monthly stipend of $300.
Paid or Volunteer:  Paid, monthly stipend of $300.
Housing:  N/A
Special Qualifications: Leadership skills for working creatively, thinking strategically, and helping move the ministry forward; passion for living in light of the Gospel and inspiring others; organization and detailed-planning skills; passion for the urban minority context, unchurched and de-churched, and the lost; and passion for the Word and teaching it to our children.
Hours per Week:  5-10.
Worksite Location (in person, virtual, etc.):  In person
Expected Length of Need:  1 year +


3. Contact Information:

The following person may be contacted to find out more about this opportunity to serve.

Name:  Barbara Campbell
Title:  MNA SecondCareer Facilitator
Phone:  804-339-5005


4. About the Ministry:

Here is a brief paragraph (120 words) describing the church or ministry to be served (size, demographics, year started, etc: 

Reconcile Church Miami is a church plant in its second year of ministry in the southern-most part of Miami where wide diversity exists – Section 8 homes, gated communities, the homeless, military and more. We have attendance of about 50 people from varying ethnicities and cultures and minister primarily to broken and unchurched people between 20 and 35 years of age. We love Christ-centered theology, each other, and the lost. We welcome your support.


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