Opportunity to Serve

Listing 1199B – Griot Youth After School program, Griot Arts, Clarksdale MS

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1. Organization:

Church or Ministry Name:  Griot Youth After-School program
Location:  Clarksdale, MS
Executive Director:  Cali Noland

2. Opportunity:

Job Title:  Intern
Job Description:  Assist program directors in teaching arts classes; perform administrative tasks; teach bible studies, minister to the students.
Paid or Volunteer:  Can raise support.
Housing:  Possible.
Special Qualifications:  Passion to love and share the Gospel with youth in poverty. Ability to teach a music, art, or cooking class helpful but not required. Prior experience is a bonus but not required.
Hours per Week:  40.
Worksite Location (in person, virtual, etc.):  On-site.
Expected Length of Need:  6-12 mos.

3. Contact Information:

The following person may be contacted to find out more about this opportunity to serve.

Name:  Barbara Campbell
Title:  MNA SecondCareer Facilitator
Phone:  804-339-5005

4. About the Ministry:

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Griot is closely partnered with First Presbyterian Church in Clarksdale, MS and receives support, volunteers, and board oversight by the Session. We foster creativity and lifelong learning through the arts and employment opportunities, empowering young people to create positive change in their lives and community. Griot has two main programs: The Griot Youth Program is an after-school arts program for 3rd-12th graders which provides arts classes, tutoring, college prep, and weekly bible studies to over 50 students. The Meraki Job Training Program employs young adults at the Meraki Roasting Company, teaching vital job skills while roasting and selling artisanal coffee. Students attend classes focusing on communication skills, resume building, and employment basics. Graduates from the program are placed in permanent jobs.

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