Mark Andrews

Metanoia Prison Ministries Regional Director, North Carolina

Mark was raised in a difficult home environment, in Charlotte NC, and rebelled in his early teens.  His rebellion included involvement with illegal substances. Upon leaving home, at seventeen, with few options to support him, Mark joined the Navy. He served six years, the last four stationed in Rota Spain. Coming home Mark worked as a computer repairman for a couple years.

When he was 30, he met and married his wife Pat.  During pre-marital counseling Mark and Pat were exposed to the Gospel and developed a relationship with the Lord soon after being married.

Despite a lack of secondary education God has blessed his family financially in his employment as an information technology sales person, sales manager and business owner.  Mark has great appreciation for business leaders who God used, to help him provide for his family.

Mark has been called to serve “the least of these” in prison. He appreciates the opportunity to give back in recognition for the blessings he has received spiritually and financially.

Mark, and his wife Pat, live in Charlotte NC and have been married for 33 years.   Mark has been a ruling elder in the PCA for over twenty years. Pat serves as a volunteer at a local crisis pregnancy center.  They have six children whose age’s ranges from 19 to 42 years old.  They also have nine grandchildren.