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Effective immediately, MNA will be emailing your gift receipts and annual donations statement.  This will allow you to receive your receipts and statements faster as well as help us reduce printing and mailing costs.  We will be emailing receipts and statements out to you with the email address we have on file. If you need to change your email address with us or if you would prefer a statement to be mailed to you, please contact us at

Timing of Year-End GivingIn order to meet IRS requirements related to contributions that qualify for inclusion in your 2021 tax return, please note the following:

  • Your check should be dated no later than December 31st.
  • The envelope must be postmarked no later than December 31st.
  • If your check is dated December 31st but the postmark on the envelope is after this date, your donation will not be counted as a 2021 donation.
  • Online donations will be accepted through December 31st.
  • Please transfer gifts of stock on or before Monday, December 6th for timely processing.

MNA is registered as a 501(c)(3) religious charity and an ECFA accredited organization.

Gifts via check / money order made payable to MNA should be mailed to:


Mission to North America
P.O. Box 890233
Charlotte, NC 28289-0233

How Your Donation to the General Fund Furthers MNA’s Mission

A donation to the General Fund covers the administrative operations of MNA.

Your contribution to the General Fund provides for us to:

  • Take care of donors’ needs, such as handling phone calls and processing donations, receipts and changes of address.
  • Develop and mentor church planters through MNA Church Planter Assessment and Church Planter Training, preparing them to enter the field and spread the gospel.
  • Support church planters and ministry leaders by providing accounting and administrative services so that they can focus on evangelism and outreach.
  • Provide for administrative staff to handle such details as benefits, taxes, and compliance laws.
  • Create avenues of communication through the website, social media, newsletters and email.