Important Information Regarding 2022 MNA Donations Statements

Discover Resources for
Church Planting and Vitality in the PCA

We help eliminate the guesswork for pastors and planters through practical ministry resources for planting and strengthening PCA churches in a changing culture.

Planting and maintaining a healthy church in an ever-changing culture is difficult.

Knowing where to begin is often confusing and paralyzing.

PCA leaders need encouragement to start and maintain healthy churches in a changing culture — but they don’t know where to go for the information and support they need.


Pastors and church leaders should never be left to confront the challenges of church leadership alone. We believe pastors and church leaders need easily accessible information, tools, and resources to shepherd our people, seek out the lost, and shape our culture.

Plant New

We want to support presbyteries and churches in their efforts to plant more churches.

Strengthen Existing

We want to strengthen existing churches to help leaders increase their reach and effectiveness locally.

Increase Ministry

We want to help churches start new ministries efficiently and increase the effectiveness of existing ministries.


MNA provides expertise with excellence to all PCA churches, presbyteries and networks in North America by offering a suite of practical ministry resources — training, equipping, and assisting in missional purpose, serving communities to advance God’s kingdom.

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Attend a training or workshop hosted by an MNA ministry.


MNA Ministries exist to serve the church for planting and vitality.


Volunteer to help ministries serve the church for church planting and vitality.

You don't have to serve alone.

MNA is here to help equip and support you in your ministry. Do you want to avoid having a stagnant ministry? Our training, resources, and support will help you grow an efficient, effective, and thriving church. MNA is the training and resource center to support your ministry goals.


Join MNA in a commitment to have a thousand ruling and teaching elders praying for church planting and vitality leading up to the 50th General Assembly.