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    Serve, Grow, Multiply

    “…the churches were strengthened in the faith, and they increased in numbers daily.”

    Acts 16:5
  • They Will Know Us By Our Love


    May 2022

    They Will Know Us By Our Love

    Disaster Response Ministry

Race, Justice and the Westminster Standards

“Race, Justice and the Westminster Standards”

A Video Presentation by MNA Coordinator Dr. Irwyn L. Ince.

In a world keenly divided over issues of race and justice, what guidance does scripture offer? What do the Westminster Standards imply about how believers should engage with issues of racial injustice, within the church body and outside it?

Read more from Dr. Ince on Westminster, Race & Justice here.

MNA Ministries Lunch

June 22 in Birmingham, AL

Come and experience the ways God has been using our staff to Serve, Grow, and Multiply the Church and God’s Kingdom. Register to attend the MNA Ministries Lunch during General Assembly at: