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Growing Together Podcast: Church Health Assessments

Matt Bohling, Chris Vogel

Growing Together Podcast: Supporting Women in Church Planting

Denine Blevins, Chris Vogel

Multiply September 2023- Raising Up Men: MNA Church Planting

For 55 years, University Reformed Church in Lansing, Michigan has been reaching college students with the Gospel and raising up men to serve the church here in the US and worldwide.

Growing Together Webinar: One Church, One Mission- A Conversation about MNA’s Vision

Join Irwyn Ince, Murray Lee, and Chris Vogel, MNA’s Executive Leadership Team as they discuss MNA’s vision and share stories of how the PCA’s mission will take all of us.
Chris Vogel, Irwyn Ince, Murray Lee

Growing Together Podcast: The Great Dechurching

Chris Vogel, Jim Davis, Michael Graham

Growing Together Podcast: Shiv Muthukumar and Church Planting in Novi

Chris Vogel