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Growing Together Podcast is a podcast from Mission to North America where our host, Chris Vogel, discusses topics related to starting new churches and strengthening existing churches in the PCA. Tune in to hear about the work being done in the denomination and learn how you can connect with others to enhance the work being done in your community.

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Pastoral fluctuations bring unique challenges, triumphs, and lessons and a transitional pastor can fill that gap and may foster healing and growth to navigate the delicate balance of change. Flourish Coaching offers is help in the context of change, and specifically, training and supplying transitional pastors.
A dichotomy too often exists in that while the Gospel is core to the believer's life, sharing this cornerstone with others is often a struggle. The ministry of Gospel First provides encouragement and training in sound Gospel sharing. Hear what Bob Orner and others with Gospel First are doing to restore the Gospel to first importance.
In the dynamic landscape of the modern world, where intellectual prowess and technical skills have long been the benchmarks of success, the concept of Emotional Intelligence emerges as a crucial, yet often underappreciated, component of personal and professional development.


For over 50 years the Lord has been pleased to use Mission to North America to cultivate the advancement of his kingdom through the Presbyterian Church in America. A new challenge is before us. North America finds itself in the fastest decline in church attendance and most rapidly diversifying of ethnic culture in history.
Join Irwyn Ince, Murray Lee, and Chris Vogel, MNA's Executive Leadership Team as they discuss MNA's vision and share stories of how the PCA's mission will take all of us.

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