Bent Tree Aspen Training Event: A Time of Rest and Renewal for Weary Pastors

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May 16, 2023

Aspen, CO – Mission to North America is thrilled to announce the Bent Tree Aspen Training Event, taking place September 25-28, 2023, in the serene setting of the Rocky Mountains. This event is specifically designed for pastors seeking a sanctuary to rest and find renewal in their ministry journey.


The Bent Tree Aspen Training Event will provide a space where pastors can disconnect from their daily responsibilities and reconnect with their calling. Attendees will enjoy times of fellowship, prayer, and reflection, along with powerful testimonials and devotions centered on the forgiveness of God and our calling to forgive one another.


One of the primary goals of this event is to provide pastors with the opportunity to focus on self-care and spiritual renewal. The tranquil atmosphere of Estes Park, combined with the supportive community of fellow pastors, creates a unique opportunity for spiritual and emotional rejuvenation.


“The Bent Tree Aspen Training Event is a chance for pastors to find solace and renewal in a supportive environment,” said David Wilson, Bent Tree’s Director. “By taking time for themselves, pastors can return to their congregations with renewed energy, passion, and a deeper connection to their calling.”


Registration is now open for this men-only event. The cost is $450 per person for double occupancy and $550 per person for single occupancy. This cost includes eight gourmet meals and three nights in hotel-style lodging. Refund requests must be in writing.


For more information about the Bent Tree Aspen Training Event, please visit the registration page. Don’t miss this opportunity to find rest, refreshment, and renewal alongside like-minded pastors. Sign up today!

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