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Evangelize Today teaches believers to share their faith in the Lord Jesus by listening to spiritual conversations and respond to divine appointments in everyday life. They offer a number of seminars and events to help you and your church fulfill this mission. For details on their upcoming events, click here.

Seminars & Workshops

Evangelism Today (ET) Seminar

Evangelize Today (ET) is a one to three day seminar which trains believers how to share their faith in a gracious and winsome language that protects the dignity of the speaker and the receiver. ET takes a fresh look at sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in a relevant way for our culture. Our goal through these seminars is to train believers in Christian organizations, churches, and small groups who are interested in this refreshing way to view evangelism.

Research Discovery Days

Dr. Allan Dayhoff, Jr., from Evangelize Today, shares an in-depth look at research from over 5,000 evangelism faith interviews and speaks about what evangelism looks like in the post-Christian era.

Dr. Dayhoff’s research looks at how we, as Christians, can be more effective in identifying and cultivating relationships that lead to spiritual conversations rather than expecting non-believers to walk into our churches and be ready to hear about the gospel.

2016 Evangelism Training Events Brochure

Current 2016 Events:

  • May 5-7 Richmond VA
  • Oct 6-8 Traverse City MI

Available Dates for 2016 Events:

  • May 19-21
  • Sep 15-17
  • Oct 20-22
  • Nov 10-12

Small Group 5 Week Evangelism Study: Listening to Hear

‘Listening to Hear vs. Listening Respond’

We are pleased to announce the release of our new easy to use Small Group 5 week evangelism study package.  Our simple to use plug and play DVD evangelism study is derived from the results of over 5,000 faith interviews with non-Christians.  We have taken all the results from these faith interview surveys and compiled them into a modern easy to use small group study package.  Our small group study takes Christians on a relaxed hands on evangelism journey designed to open the lines of communication between the Christians and the non-Christian by exploring the thesis of  ‘Listening to Hear vs. Listening to Respond’.

2016 Listening To Hear Brochure


Residency Program

Evangelize Today offers a Residency Program for both full and part-time positions. Church planters and seminary graduates are welcome. Below you will find links to brochures for the program as well as a description of the application process.

2016 Evangelism Residency Program Brochure

2016- Student Residency Program Brochure

2016 Residency Application Process

Currently there are 10 ET Resident Slots in March 2016 and 20 ET Seminary Student slots open from May to July 2016.