Multiply 2024: Church Planter Preparation

October 31, 2024
- November 2, 2024

Atlanta, GA

About the Event

Multiply: Church Planter Preparation is tailored to guide church planters at any stage of creating and nurturing a vibrant church community.


From those exploring church planting to established churches considering reproduction, our specialized tracks and year-long cohort system provide a structured yet flexible approach to training and support at every stage.


With affordable pricing and comprehensive support, this event promises to be a transformative experience for both individual planters and planting couples.


Be part of a new model of church planter training, provided by MNA and MTW in collaboration with seasoned planters and teams from around North America and throughout the world. Planters will choose a track aligned with where their plant is at, presently receiving training they can immediately use. Planters will then be gathered into cohorts that will gather virtually once a month through the following year with an experienced planter who will help them implement what was discussed at the training event.



Track 1: Discernment
This track is designed for those who are looking into church planting, would like to learn more about the biblical basis of planting, the stages of church planting, who should plant, etc. There will be a module discussing the Assessment Center as well as what the next steps if one wishes to take the next step to plant. Geneva Benefits Group and Auxilio will present modules as well to discuss the wellbeing of a planter and the administrative side of planting.


Track 2: Preparing to Plant
The second track is for those who have been assessed but have not yet begun a plant. This is for the person looking for a locale or may be a church planting apprentice or resident at a church. This track covers the various models of church plants, the importance of setting out one’s vision, values, and mission, and support raising. Auxilio Partners will lead a time on budgeting and Geneva will talk about how to prepare your family for church planting. There will also be time discussing coaching and the various services MNA offers to church planters.


Track 3: Presence to Gathering
This track is geared for those who have arrived on the field and are either preparing for or begun the first steps to plant a church. This track will look at the importance of building a diverse planting team, knowing your community and how to reach those in your community as well as the relationship between the planter and his oversight. Geneva Benefits and Parakaleo will present various support systems for a church planting team and Auxilio Partners will talk about the business end of planting such as a 501(c)3 and setting up bank accounts.


Track 4: Gathering to Launch
The time building up to the first public worship can be stressful. This track will talk about how to build contacts and create meetings that lead to evangelism, how to shepherd the gathered, leadership agility and building a launch team. Auxilio will talk about maintaining good fiscal health and Geneva Benefits will talk about pastoral wellbeing in the midst of uncertainty.


Track 5: Launch to Particularization
Particularization is an important time for a church. This track is designed for those who are getting ready to elect officers. What do you need to know for training officers, equipping men and women for service? Since particularization is not the end, but the new phase in a church’s life, there will be discussion about strategic planning as well as the BCO requirements overlooked to one’s peril. Auxilio will present on how to lead your church in generosity as well as setting up a sound financial team while Geneva will talk about wellbeing for officers.


Track 6: Particularization to Reproduction
This track completes the cycle. The goal of planting is kingdom expansion and churches need to be thinking of future works. As a church matures, the planter will need to consider where he may need re-tooling, how to share leadership with future Sessions. What are the healthy steps to plant a daughter church? This track is also good for leaders in an established church who wish to consider how they might become a church planting church. Geneva will address the need for pastoral health for the long haul and Auxilio will how to set up a daughter church for fiscal health.



Single Registration: $249 early bird until August 31. $299 as of September 1.
Couple Registration: $299 early bird until August 31. $349 as of September 1.
Group Registration (for those coming from the same church; up to 5 people): $499 early bird until August 31. $599 as of September 1.


Hyatt Regency Atlanta
265 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30303


Deadline to register is October 14, 2024.


For more information, please contact Chris Vogel – cvogel@pcanet.org