Ruling Elder Mark Casson Appointed MNA Ministry Engagement Director

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August 11, 2023

Lawrenceville, GA – Mission to North America (MNA) proudly announces the appointment of Ruling Elder Mark Casson as the new MNA Ministry Engagement Director, effective September 1, 2023. Mark will lead in his role to amplify the vision of increasing PCA churches, furthering the mission and strengthening ties within the community.


Mark, renowned for his transformative leadership, has been the Director of Metanoia Prison Ministries since 2010. His journey from California’s prison system to becoming a beacon of hope and reform is a testament to his resilience and unwavering faith.


“I am delighted for the opportunity to work alongside Mark in seeing MNA’s vision and mission accomplished. Mark’s capacity to effectively lead his team in strategic healthy growth will prove invaluable as he leads MNA Ministry Directors and Coordinators to fulfill their calling of serving the PCA with excellence,” remarks MNA Executive Coordinator TE Murray Lee.


Mark’s prolific background integrates 32 years of experience in prison ministry. His commitment to the community began just ten days after his release when he joined Sierra View PCA in Fresno, CA. He was warmly welcomed by the pastor and congregation, and the sound preaching, warm hospitality, and community love expressed to him in those early days out of prison stoked in Mark a love for the PCA. He became an ordained Ruling Elder in 2006 and has been a significant part of the Session of First Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, since 2015.


With his wife Raylene by his side since 2004, they have raised two daughters, Eliana (14) and Joelle (11), who both know and love Jesus. Mark’s dedication has also spanned various arenas, from schools and colleges to churches and conferences.


President of Metanoia Prison Ministries Board RE Brent Andersen, shares, “While we will miss Mark greatly at Metanoia Prison Ministries, we know this is God’s calling and we are grateful for Mark’s obedience in answering the call. We are very familiar with Mark’s many capabilities, and we believe Mark is very well suited for this role. We look forward with excitement to see how God will use Mark in Kingdom work at MNA. May Mark continue to serve God faithfully at MNA for many years to come, and may God continue to use Mark and bless him and his family. Mark is in our prayers, and we wish him well.”


A glimpse into Mark’s impact at Metanoia Prison Ministries showcases the expansion from serving 50 prisoners in 10 prisons across 3 states to more than 7,000 prisoners in hundreds of institutions across 49 states and in every PCA Presbytery. Over those years, Mark’s capable leadership mobilized over 2,200 volunteers.


RE Mark Casson shares his enthusiasm: “From the initial reading of the job description for MNA’s Ministry Engagement Director, through multiple interviews and conversations about the position, I have felt a deep sense of calling by God to serve the PCA in this role. Mission to North America has cast a vision of increasing the number of our churches to 3,000 over the next 10 years. This vision excites me greatly and I believe that with a full reliance on our Gracious God, we can achieve this vision. I feel compelled by God to labor with my brothers and sisters in the PCA towards this goal, that God may be glorified and exalted. It is with great honor and excitement that I have accepted the call to serve as the MNA Ministry Engagement Director.”


MNA Coordinator TE Irwyn Ince Jr. adds, “It is my profound joy to welcome Mark Casson to his new role. I fervently request everyone to join me in praying for Mark, the dedicated team at MNA, and the prosperity of the PCA for the glory of Christ.”


We at MNA are thrilled for Mark to commence this new chapter. His unique experiences and relentless drive make him a vital addition to the team. We humbly request your prayers for Mark, his loving family, and the MNA community as we continually seek to amplify God’s work in North America.

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