Hispanic Ministries

About the Ministry

Following current trends, by 2050 the Hispanic community will reach over 110 million residents in the United States.


Throughout Scripture we see God move people for His purposes. He sovereignly brings those who do not know Him to locations where they can hear the gospel.


For several decades God has been actively changing the demographic makeup of our nation. Since the United States loosened its immigration policies, people from Latin countries flooded into our land of opportunity. As a result, the United States has the second largest Hispanic population of any nation in the world, and Hispanics are now the largest minority in our society.


Experts predict the Hispanic population will grow 200% over the coming years, while the non-Hispanic white population is projected to grow 6% during that same time period. In addition, while the average age of the United States population is about 35 years of age, Hispanics are much younger with an average age of around 27. How should we respond to the demographic changes in our nation?


MNA Hispanic Ministries sees the demographic changes of our nation as an unprecedented opportunity – orchestrated by God Himself – to continue our commitment to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.




To see radical individual, family, community, and world-wide transformation as a growing number of PCA churches engage in fulfilling the Great Commission among Hispanics.




We seek to equip, encourage, and empower the PCA for effective gospel ministry among Hispanics by strengthening local churches (Acts 14:21-23), promoting leadership development (2 Timothy 2:1-2), and facilitating church planting and multiplication (1 Thessalonians 1:4-8).

Hernando Sáenz