Refugee and Immigrant Ministry

About the Ministry

“I was a stranger…” Christ said. “Did you welcome me?” Each of us is accountable to Him for how we respond to the strangers He has brought near.

ACTS 17:26,27; MATHEW 25:31–46

One out of seven persons in the US was born in another country – refugees, immigrants, international students and businesspersons. The Lord has brought people from every nation to our local communities – some already brothers and sisters in Christ, others who have never had a chance to know Him.


Every believer now has the opportunity to develop authentic redemptive relationships with these from abroad who are equally precious to Him, with ripple effects back to their homelands.


MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministries comes alongside local PCA churches and believers to encourage and resource them as they engage, befriend, serve and disciple persons from every ethnicity, in fulfillment of both the Great Commission and Great Commandment. Let us help!

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