Jeb Bland

Native American/First Nations Ministries Coordinator
tel: 610-823-4308

Jeb Bland comes with a strong background in missions as a ruling elder who has given major time to ministry, even full-time during various seasons in his life. With him, we believe and trust God for a full-time season in his life with MNA. Jeb and Gail married in 1978 and have two married daughters and four grandchildren. Having come to Christ at an early age, Jeb attended King’s College and has taken counseling courses with CCEF at Westminster Seminary. He currently chairs the Missions Committee at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lancaster PA, and has led the church in an extensive commitment to Native ministry. His other missions experience includes service in Niger, Africa; Mexico; and Haiti, where he served in short-term trips over 12 years, with sufficient sharing of life among the Haitian people that he is conversant in Haitian Creole. Jeb summarizes his heart commitment very simply, “I maintain a strong desire to serve the Lord with gladness and to make a difference in this world for the gospel.”