Tim McCracken

Tim McCracken

| Metanoia Prison Ministries

About Tim McCracken

For nearly 29 years, Rev. Tim McCracken served as Pastor of First Reformed Presbyterian Church in Fresno, CA, before coming on staff with Metanoia Ministries as Regional Director San Joaquin Valley March 1, 2017.


In 2006 Pastor Tim received a letter from an inmate on the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF) side of Corcoran State Prison, which asked, “Do you ever write to prisoners?”  Through fellowship with that man, and through the bible study that formed as a result, Pastor Tim began to realize the vastness of the prison population near Fresno and the uniqueness of both the need and opportunity there.  Fresno is located within an hour and a half’s drive of about 34,000 incarcerated persons!  Over time, opportunities arose for a teaching relationship with about 100 men on 5 yards at 3 different facilities, and in each case the men asked that the studies be started.


The uplifting fellowship and eagerness of the brothers began to make Tim wonder if there could be a way to eventually serve as a full-time missionary chaplain to these men, but reflection on the Metanoia model of ministry convinced him that helping to cultivate a mission mind and sense of joint endeavor in our area churches was more important than seeking to personally minister in as many places as possible.  In the broader San Joaquin Valley, our like-minded churches have so much to offer the 18 prisons within reach!  Dozens can be recruited.  Hundreds!  Maintaining the existing long-term relationships at the three facilities mentioned as a foundation, Tim eagerly anticipates the multiplication of relationship that will develop through partnering with and serving Valley churches.


Tim and his wife Lori are the parents of three grown children, and they both have a great love for music.  Lori has served for many years as accompanist for both Fresno’s wonderful Inspire-1 youth choirs and the Sierra Chamber Opera, and Tim enjoys a cappella singing and leading the young men’s High School Ensemble from Inspire-1.


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