Mississippi Tornado Update

On Tuesday, December 23, 2014, a series of deadly storms blew through the Gulf Coast states, affecting communities in LA, MS, AL, GA, and FL. In MS four people were killed when a tornado estimated to be an EF3 with winds estimated to be over 130 mph came through south MS. The damage from this tornado was mainly in the towns of Columbia and Laurel, with the greatest impact being in Columbia. All PCA church facilities were unaffected and all congregants were spared any damages.  MNA Disaster Response volunteers assisted the local leadership in reaching out to the greater community through mercy ministry to help stabilize two particular families who had sustained major damages.  Initial needs have been met by local volunteers, and now the rebuilding has begun. MNA Disaster Response volunteers were coordinated through First Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, working in cooperation with leaders from Columbia PCA. Thank you to all the volunteers who mobilized so quickly on Christmas Day!!

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