Introducing Multiply: A New Monthly Newsletter from Mission to North America

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March 25, 2024

Atlanta, GA – Mission to North America (MNA) is thrilled to announce the launch of its new monthly email newsletter, “Multiply,” set to debut on April 25.


As an expansion on MNA’s Multiply docuseries, this newsletter offers readers a deeper view of the work God is doing throughout the denomination. Along with the latest Multiply episode, you’ll learn what’s new with MNA, find out about upcoming events, and enjoy some great reads from MNA’s executive leadership.


Additionally, this newsletter will highlight the latest episodes of the Growing Together Podcast so you can tune into the work of church planting and church vitality taking place throughout North America.


A special feature will be included quarterly, formerly shared only with MNA’s internal staff and permanent committee: “Stories of God’s Faithfulness” from the executive team, sharing real-life stories of hope and transformation and offering a deep dive into MNA’s heart and mission.


With the release of this newsletter, MNA aims to provide a more comprehensive and enriching experience for readers.


“We believe that ‘Multiply’ will be a source of encouragement for our community,” said MNA Coordinator Irwyn Ince. “It’s more than a newsletter. It’s a way for us to share the amazing things God is doing and to grow together as a community.”


The first issue of Multiply will be available on April 25. Join us in this exciting new chapter as we continue to spread God’s word and work together.


Subscribe here.

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