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Core Commitments

MNA Mercy Ministries


Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” –Isaiah 1:17



The Mercy Ministry of Mission to North America is a church support organization that equips leaders to address internal and external benevolence needs.



To see the church extend mercy using an approach that is biblically-based, historically-mindful and dignity-affirming.


The Need

  1. Our words and actions about how to care for those in crisis are not aligned.
  2. Most churches are ill-equipped and lack best practices to help
  3. Lack of awareness about needs internal and external
  4. Mercy ministry can create pathways for community partnerships which leads to missional opportunities for the church and its congregants



We work with your church to:

  1. Implement benevolence policies and procedures
  2. Equip deacons & mercy teams
  3. Develop healthy partnerships with community organizations



Consultation Calls

Troubleshoot specific issues you’re facing through a one-hour call.


Mercy Conferences


Bring your elders, deacons and mercy team members to understand the biblical mandate for extending mercy, identify root community issues, collaborate with regional leaders, and apply best practices for their context.


Registration Opens: December 2023


In-Person Leadership Trainings


Responsive Crisis Management

Rather than reacting to (sudden needs), equip your team to respond in a way that’s sustainable. Develop policies and procedures that preserve the dignity of your clients and protect the boundaries of your team.


Healthy Diaconate & Mercy Team Culture

Identify the gifts on your team and release them to function and flourish in their God-designed roles. Healthy interactions between members. Term Rotations, internal structure,


Community Engagement

A relational, trust-building approach to community partnerships on their terms.





Your support funds our work of equipping church leaders that extend mercy to brothers and sisters in need.

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