MNA Mercy Ministries

About the Ministry

The purpose of MNA Mercy Ministries is to encourage and equip PCA churches and members to become involved in a growing way with ministries to people who not only need the Gospel but who face circumstances of tangible need or difficulty. While these needs exist everywhere, they are often more prevalent in the concentrated populations of the cities. These concentrations of population offer great opportunity for ministry because city programs can address the needs of many people in close proximity.


Since the founding of the PCA in 1973, the denomination has grown steadily in her commitment to mercy ministries. Today, these ministries have assumed four basic organizational forms with growing numbers in each category. Many of them are independent, parachurch ministries that address communities and people in need. Some are ministries based in suburban churches that supply funding, leadership and volunteers to work in communities of need. Some are inner-city churches whose ministry focus is solely the community of need. Still others are churches planted in affluent center-city areas, with the mercy ministry a defining core value of the church’s life and work.

Robert Blevins